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What A1 Affordable Hearing can do for your Patients

1. Examination of hearing and balance 

Hearing specialists are specifically trained in examining hearing and balance. If your patient thinks they have a hearing loss, balance issues, or experience ringing or buzzing in the ears, then A1 Affordable Hearing is the local professional to turn to. By carrying out professional audiological assessments, we can skillfully establish a solution for their hearing loss or balance problems.

2. Earwax removal

In certain cases, what is believed to be hearing loss is nothing more than excess earwax buildup. While it’s not the most extravagant feature of the job, hearing specialists are trained in professional ear cleaning (which can have patients hearing better within a matter of minutes!) We also specialize in the educational process of teaching appropriate ways you can clean your ears, such as with homemade solutions or ideally by visiting the hearing specialist.

3. Custom hearing protection

If patients work in a noisy occupation (for example as a musician) or take part in loud activities (like hunting), they should consider getting custom ear protection to prevent futurehearing loss. They could just purchase some foam earplugs at the convenience store, but they’re usually uncomfortable and produce an annoying muffled sound. Custom earplugs fit comfortably in your ear and conserve the sounds you want to hear while protecting against the sounds that bring about damage.

4. Expert hearing tests (audiometry)

Hearing loss is invisible, pain-free, and at times difficult to acknowledge or accept. The only way to attain an accurate diagnosis is with the aid of a professional hearing assessment referred to as audiometry. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and procedures, we can accurately diagnose hearing loss. If someone can benefit from hearing aids, the audiogram will serve as the blueprint to programming and customizing the technology.

5. Hearing aid selection and adjustment

Hearing aids are available in several styles, from numerous producers, equipped with countless capabilities. We’ll assist patients in finding the hearing aid that matches their hearing loss while ensuring that they don’t throw away cash on features they simply don’t care about or need. That way, we’ll be certain that their hearing aid maximizes their hearing according to the sounds they specifically have difficulty hearing.

6. A lifetime of healthy hearing

The health of someone’s hearing should always be preserved as intensely as any other aspect of their health. In the same way, we should have a dedicated professional watching out for
the health of our hearing. We offer a variety of useful life-long services, including hearing aid cleaning, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair, together with advice and direction on the latest technology. So while your hearing will undoubtedly change over time, your hearing specialist should not. If a patient commits to locating a local professional who cares about helping people over all else, they’ll enjoy the advantages of healthy hearing for life.


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