Hear what others are saying to see what you can expect on your journey

We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

"I started having trouble with my hearing about a year ago. Certain tones were becoming harder to hear. I made an appointment with Jay at Affordable Hearing and had a hearing test performed. I was amazed at how bad my hearing really was ! Jay ordered my hearing aids and they came in within a weeks time. WOW!! Now I can hear a pin drop. Jay is a great guy who only wants for people who have a problem hearing to hear again. He and his staff make sure you are taken well cared for. Satisfaction to his customers is his goal. Thanks Jay for being someone who cares!!"

Sue T.

“I have worked in healthcare for almost 40 years.  I have never worked with a clinical professional that cared about their patients as much as Jay does.  Jay is also very well aware of hearing loss causes, hearing aid improvement capabilities and how to make his patients understand what they need to do and feel good doing it.  Of all the healthcare people that have treated me, Jay is by far the most concerned and helpful that I have ever experienced.  I strongly recommend Jay and I am very certain that you will feel as positive and lucky as I do.” 

Guy B.

Jay and staff are great to work with. They go far above and beyond the call of duty for customer satisfaction. Being able to hear is a phenomenal life enhancement and helps prevent depression which can lead to dementia. Go see them y'all. Payment plans are very easy! 

Pam S. from Greenville, NC

“Wonderful... Really went above and beyond to help my family and I. I highly recommend Jay and his program to help you and your family hear what you've been missing!” 

Stephanie S.

“Dealing with Jay was amazing. I truly feel he cares for the individuals he deals with. My mother being deaf and dealing with life as is of course is hard. I can only recommend at the very least calling and speaking with the people here because they only want the best for their client. Thumbs up!” 

Sean W.

“Jay with affordable hearing is very professional and understanding.  He helped me with my 90 year old grandmothers hearing aids. He found an affordable solution for her! Even took the time to go see her personally at the assisted living home she is in. Can't ask for better service.” 

Kevin C. from Greenville, NC

“I give these folks five stars. They have been extraordinary to work with from the moment I first walked in. I have great hearing aids that they service and clean regularly. Even though I am on an extremely low fixed income, Jay has made it possible for me to have what I need. They work with the customer.” 

Sharon G.

“Affordable hearing great customer service whenever I take my mother for her hearing aid adjustments. You do not have to wait for a long period of time to see Mr. Nichols.  He cares about his clients, and the service they are getting from their aids. And the staff are friendly and courteous.” 

Bobbie T.

“Jay takes time to make sure that I understand all I need to know about hearing loss and hearing aids.  He has been very accommodating when questions come up and responds very quickly and professionally. I highly recommend Jay.” 

Mike B.

“I have had a great experience with Jay.  He spent a lot of time making sure they fit properly and that they were adjusted so that I got maximum benefit.  Thanks a lot Jay and Sam.  It has been wonderful dealing with you and my hearing aids have added a lot to my life.”

Robert C.

“I'm writing this for my mom.  Since she had the hearing aid, she has been enjoying conversation with others because she hears every word they say now.  While in church she hears the preacher loud and clear, thanks to affordable hearing.  Thanks again Mr. Jay.” 

Mary G.

“Outstanding service! Jay took me in and checked my hearing. Since I use an earpiece on a daily basis, the wax has really built up. Jay got rid of it and I can hear clearly again! Highly recommend him and his great staff!” 

Brian B.

“Great service & caring staff. Make an appointment with them for your hearing needs before you make a final decision.” 

Gail S.

“I had basically lost interest in television. I was choosing to read instead. Little did I know that my hearing loss was making it too difficult to keep up with television programs! I often responded to my spouse with "what?" but moments later I would realize what he had said. Jay explained that I was hearing a word or more and seconds later, my brain would figure out what I should have heard. Jay was wonderful about explaining all of the details of my hearing loss and how it can progress. I learned about the way I was hearing the different consonants and vowels as well as frequencies of sound. There were also many visual tools to help me understand as well. I even got to see the inside of my hear on a color screen. I probably would still be struggling if I someone hadn't told me about the free hearing assessment. I thought I might as well see where my hearing is at this time. I totally didn't expect to get hearing aids because I had heard how expensive they can be, but Jay was able to get a pair for me at a price that I could really afford. Plus, ongoing service is included so that they can be cleaned and tested periodically. I am so happy with the hearing aids. They are really not noticeable at all, and I do not miss a thing anymore! Many thanks.” 

Michael M.

“Warm and friendly staff. Jay really cares about the quality hearing of his clients.” 

Delores E. from Greenville, NC

“My experience couldn't have been any better.  Everyone was friendly and very professional.  Jay listened to what I had to say and adjusted my hearing aids accordingly.  Would highly recommend this office to anyone needing help hearing!” 

Rachel M.

“Mr. Nichols sold me a pair of iSDS hearing aids that are compatible with my iphone meaning music, TV and phone calls are streamed directly into my ears through the hearing devices.  The remote control app "Trulink" is a  free app that allows me to make adjustments while in many different settings.  Follow up appointments and cleaning and services are free for the life of the hearing aids.  Mr. Nichols is very knowledgeable when it comes to repairs and all aspects of the hearing aids he sells.  I would highly recommend him if you are in the market for hearing aids or just need a cleaning, service or repair.” 

Sam A.